Die Combo Yogamatte – Optical Gold (DE)


The premium eco-friendly combination yoga mat: mat and towel in one!

This mat is designed to be the ultimate yoga companion.

It reduces slippage and the risk of injury. You no longer have to bring a towel and a mat for the yoga class. An all-in-one product.

Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable 100% natural tree rubber, water-based inks.

Machine wash. Carrying strap included.

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  • Luxurious and absorbent microfiber top layer glued with a natural rubber base. Gives you the grip of a towel and the coziness of a yoga mat
  • Ideal for yoga, bikram, hot yoga, pilates and physical activities in general.
  • No wrinkles or cloth movement during the course. Immediately improve your practice
  • Extra comfort, stability and grip to reduce injuries.
  • No more slipping in moisture. The more you sweat, the better she attacks!
  • Tip: At the beginning of your exercise, lightly spray water on the surface of the mat so as not to slip when you have dry hands and feet.
  • No poisonous odors like cheap yoga mats! I feel good when you use the products.
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, recyclable from 100% natural tree rubber, water based inks.
  • Free of silicone, toxic glue, and phthalates.
  • Dimensions: 178cm x 61cm x 3.5mm
  • 1.8kg
  • Supplied with a shoulder strap.

Washing instructions:

  • Machine wash only with detergent (NO BLEACHING AGENT) with fine wash program in cold water.
  • To speed up drying, wrap the mat in a towel and squeeze out the excess water.
  • Hang up to dry. (NOT IN THE DRYER)

* RETURN IT: With $ 1 of every purchase, we support Urban Youth Yoga programs. We love to be able to give something back.