Tappetino Infinity 5mm – Geo Lavender (IT)


Tappetino professionale antiscivolo Infinity Yoga

Questo tappeto è per praticanti seri, non si scherza! Unendo il lusso ad alte prestazioni con un disegno simmetrico ed elegante per favorire l’allineamento delle posizioni e offrire una presa ineguagliabile. Perfetto per tutti gli stili di yoga con la giusta quantità di spessore.

L’ Infinity Mat, un must have del praticante.

4 color options. Easy to clean. Carrying strap included.

5 mm thick.

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  • The Infinity mat, the essential for every yogi. Excellent design + technical innovation + impeccable quality + sustainability
  • This yoga mat for the studio combines performance and elegance with a symmetrical design that favors alignment of the poses and offers an unparalleled grip during practice.
  • It is ideal for all types of yoga and fitness activities thanks to the right level of cushioning.
  • Yoga, pilates and fitness without slipping with a good dry or wet hold.
  • Your poses will be free from any impediment and slippery allowing you to concentrate and fully enjoy your practice.
  • Soft to the touch and with designs that help alignment
  • With a thickness of 5 mm it offers support, comfort and cushioning for the back, knees, spine and joints.
  • The ideal size for every body size, 180 cm long x 61 cm wide x 5 mm thick
  • Easily transportable 6 lb / 2.8 kg
  • Includes a comfortable shoulder strap
  • Feel comfortable with the products you use. Without silicone, without toxic glue, without phthalates and vegan-friendly!
  • Excellent and suitable for everyone: beginners, intermediates, experts, men, women and children!
  • This mat is a lasting investment in your health and well-being and is suitable for all types of yoga practice (hot yoga, hatha, vinyasa, power, bikram, yin, ashtanga, jivamukti, iyengar, kundalini, acro, prenatal, restorative) and any other type of fitness program such as bars, pilates, TRX, home workouts, zumba, crossfit, HIIT, and general free-body exercises.

Washing instructions:

  • Spray a natural detergent for mats, essential oils or biodegradable soap and rub with a cloth.
  • Allow to air dry. (DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER).

For each sale, $ 1 will be used to support yoga programs for needy boys and girls.