La Rueda de Yoga – Geo (ES)


Designed to help open the chest, shoulders, back and hips in the most beautiful way.

The ideal size and width to hold your back securely while stretching on the wheel. Perfect for beginners to advanced yogis.

It offers support for challenging postures and adds creativity to your practice.

Gently push back and loosen tense muscles.

Improve your postures by achieving deeper stretches.

The Yoga Wheel Guide

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Designed to be an impressive addition to take your practice and take your postures to the next level. Combine the ideal padded size, width and cushion so you can stretch along the wheel smoothly and safely.

Diameter 12.8 in | 32.5 cm
Width 5.1 in | 13 cm
Weight 2.8 lb | 1.3 kg

  • This yoga wheel is designed to serve as a beautiful support in your Yoga practice allowing you to improve gently in your postures.
  • It will help you to have more opening in the chest, shoulders, back and also, you will gain more flexibility in the
  • articulation of your hips. Trust this wheel to take your practice to the next level effortlessly.
  • Pool guide included in the purchase
  • You will perform more easily backward bending and advanced level handstand
  • You will improve your balance, central body and back strength
  • Perfect amount of cushioning for comfort and support during all postures
  • You will increase the flexibility of the thighs and spine
  • You will relax your thighs efficiently
  • Be creative in your practice
  • Ecological designs based on water on natural cork
  • Easy to clean with water, natural soap, and a towel

$ 1 of each purchase will support yoga programs for children in need.