Ruote di Yoga – Geo (IT)


Designed to help open the chest, shoulders, back and hip flexors in the most beautiful way.

The ideal size and width to safely support your back while stretching on the wheel. Perfect for beginners as well as for advanced yogis.

It offers support for challenging poses and adds creativity to your practice.

Get the backbends evenly and relax your tense muscles.

Improve your poses by reaching deeper stretches.

The Wheel Guide

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This yoga wheel has been designed to be a beautiful addition to your practice that allows you to gently improve your poses and open your chest, shoulders, back and hip flexors further

Diameter 12.8 in | 32.5 cm
Width 5.1 in | 13 cm
Weight 2.8 lb | 1.3 kg

  • An installation guide is included in the purchase
  • Perform backbends and stay on the advanced handsMore strength to help you perform all the poses with ease and confidence Improve your balance, your base strength and that of your back in a safe manner
  • Padded to the right point for your comfort during any pose
  • Increases the flexibility of the muscles and spine
  • Relax tense muscles
  • Add creativity to your practice
  • Ecological water-based colors on natural cork
  • Easy to clean

Washing instructions:

  • Before use and for general cleaning, clean the wheel with a cloth dampened with light soap and let it air dry.

For each sale, $ 1 will be used to support yoga programs for needy boys and girls.